Mijas is an Andalusian municipality in the province of Malaga (Spain). It is located on the Costa del Sol, 30 km southwest of the provincial capital, and integrated into the region of the Costa del Sol, the joint board of the same name and the judicial district of Fuengirola.In 2011 it had 79,262 inhabitants, making it the third largest municipality in the province in terms of population. It focuses on three main urban centers: Mijas Pueblo, located on the slopes of the Sierra de Mijas, is the historic center of the town; Las Lagunas, located in the area called Mijas Costa, part of the urban continuum of the city of Fuengirola; and La Cala, a coastal town. The area of the municipality is 148 km² and extends from the coastal mountains of Penibética to the Mediterranean Sea.

Inhabited since ancient times, a small village Mijas was devoted mainly to agriculture and fisheries to the explosion of the tourist boom in the 50s of last century. Since then, tourism and construction sector have been the drivers of the local economy, firing at the same time the population and per capita income, albeit at a high cost medioambiental. Today is a multicultural municipality a high percentage of foreign residents and one of the main centers of residential tourism in Andalucia.

  • Price for SEDAN: (1/4 passengers) 120,00 € (Mijas Village).
  • Price for MINIVAN: (5/8 passengers) 160,00 € (Mijas Village).
  • Duration:  4 hours approx.
  • Remember that the prices are for car, not for each passenger! E.g. 160€/8 persons = 20,00€ for person!


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